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Beware of Student Loan Scams

March 31, 2016

Many third party "debt relief" companies offer fee-based services such as loan counseling, consolidation, and helping borrowers choose the right repayment plan. These companies are not representatives of the Department of Education or Harvard University. Federal loan servicers are available to assist and will never charge a fee. If you need help choosing a repayment plan, or are in repayment and have questions, start here.

New Student Loan Vendor Coming Soon for students with loans serviced by Harvard

March 21, 2016

The Harvard University Student Loan Office will be converting from our present loan vendor, Educational Computer Systems Inc. (ECSI) to University Account Services (UAS).   This means you will need to go to a different URL to view your student loan account and make payments.  Any previously set up recurring payments will need to be re-established with our new loan vendor after implementation.  There may be a slight disruption in your current services as we transition to the new vendor.  More information to follow.

Student Accounts System Maintenance

March 16, 2016

Please be advised that due to system maintenance, e-payments made to your student account between 7 pm Saturday (3/19) and 7 pm Sunday (3/20) will not appear in your Current Account Activity until Monday, March 21st. If you wish to confirm your payment during this time, please select Transaction Details from the left menu and review your most recent transaction.

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Tips for Using Tax Refunds

  1. Pay off credit card debt
  2. Plan for future expenses - moving, summer living expenses, interview suits.
  3. Start an emergency fund, or if you already have one, add to it.
  4. Make early student loan payments - this won't lower your monthly payment but will shorten the amount of time it takes to repay, saving you interest in the long run!