Graduate Students - Important Fall 2018 Information

July 11, 2018

Account updates for Fall 2018 tuition charges have been posted for Harvard University graduate students.  Fall charges are due in August, with exact dates varying by school.

In preparation, we ask you to review the information below and take any appropriate action.

Plan to Make Your Payment

Please review the accepted methods of payment in preparation for making your

fall semester payment. You may also want to consider the option of enrolling in the monthly payment plan

Set Up Direct Deposit for Student Account Refunds

Direct deposit is the recommended method for receiving student account refunds.

Log in to my.harvard to set up direct deposit using a U.S. bank


Harvard Student Health Insurance Waiver Deadline is July 31, 2018

All students are charged for student health insurance each year. If you are

covered by your family insurance, you may be able to waive enrollment in the University plan.

Information about the Harvard University Student Health Insurance Plan

(HUSHP), including criteria for waiving enrollment, is available on the

HUHS website. . Please note that if a waiver is approved, the $1,682.00 charge

for student health insurance will either be offset by a waiver credit or not appear, at all, on the student account.