Tuition Prepayment Option

You may wish to prepay future years of tuition and health service fees at the current rate, so as to avoid annual rate increases. This can be done through Harvard College’s Tuition Prepayment Option. Please note that this program only covers tuition and health service fees; it does not include room, board, or other fees. You and your family are responsible for paying these separate charges each semester, as instructed by your invoice. In addition:

    • This program is only available to undergraduate students enrolled at Harvard College.
    • If you receive any amount of need-based scholarship from the College, then you are not eligible to participate in this program. Outside scholarships may be applied toward your other charges.
    • Unused funds may be returned to the family at any time (without interest) for students studying out of residence or withdrawing.

Enrollment in the Tuition Prepayment plan requires that you sign a contract with the Financial Aid Office and submit a full payment by the end of August, in time for fall term registration. Late applications will be subject to a late enrollment penalty. For complete details, please visit the Harvard College Website.