Harvard University Student Financial Services is comprised of the Student Accounts Office, the Student Loan Office, and the University Financial Aid Liaison Office. This website provides a variety of resources relating to financial matters for Harvard students, families, and graduates.

Student Accounts Office

The Student Accounts Office is responsible for compiling charges for tuition and fees from all Harvard schools and billing offices (except the Division of Continuing Education), sending out monthly account notifications, processing student account payments, and providing information to students and their families about Harvard financial policy.    

Student Loan Office

The Student Loan Office is responsible for administering, disbursing, servicing and collecting Harvard Institutional loans, Federal Perkins loans, HPSL and LDS loans and Wolfson Loans.

University Financial Aid Liaison Office (UFALO)

UFALO works with the 13 Financial Aid Offices and several other offices at Harvard on compliance and reporting for the Federal student aid programs. UFALO is also responsible for the coordination of the Student Eligibility Compliance portion of the Uniform Guidance Single Audit (A-133), the University's private loan RFI and completes reports for various internal offices and external agencies, including the U.S. Department of Education.