Deferment & Forbearance


A deferment is a period during which you are not required to make payments (in-school student, internship/residency, military service).   Most deferments are not automatic and you will need to submit a request to each of your loan servicers.  Some deferments delay repayment of both principal and interest, while others continue to accrue interest or require interest payments.  Timely submission of a properly certified deferment form is crucial: lateness in submitting a deferment form has the same adverse consequences as lateness in paying.  Please file for deferment as soon as you are eli­gible since federal regulations limit our authority to backdate. This is especially important for HPSL and LDS loans--which cannot be backdated. You will be expected to maintain scheduled loan payments until you are notified that your deferment has been approved.  You may download the appropriate form at the Deferment Request Forms page.


If you are temporarily unable to meet your scheduled loan payments and do not qualify for a deferment, you may be eligible to receive forbearance.  With forbearance, you may be able to stop making payments or reduce your monthly payment for up to 12 months. Interest will continue to accrue and in some cases you may be required to make monthly interest payments.  Forbearance can be granted for various reasons:  financial hardship, poor health, national military mobilization, national emergency, or service in AmeriCorps.  You must continue making your scheduled loan payments until you are notified that the forbearance has been granted. 

For borrowers with last names A-J:
Jennifer Kerr, Student Collection Specialist
Direct line:       617-495-5300
Toll-free line:   800-343-5500

For borrowers with last names K-Z:
Nadege Roseau, Student Collection Specialist
Direct line:       617-495-5565
Toll-free line:   800-343-5501



Individuals who are participating in an approved AmeriCorps position may be eligible to temporarily postpone the repayment of their Federal student loans through forbearance. While your loan is in forbearance interest continues to accrue, however, if you successfully complete your term of service the National Service Trust will pay all or a portion of the interest that accrued on your Federal student loans during your service period.  Interest payments are in addition to your education award money.

The Education Award money and the interest benefit cannot be paid toward Harvard Institutional Loans.

You can easily and quickly request the forbearance on-line by clicking My AmeriCorps.