Rehabilitation Program

If your Federal Perkins Loan or Harvard Institutional Loan is in default (more than 8 months overdue) you may be eligible to rehabilitate these defaulted loans.  A defaulted loan will be considered rehabilitated once you have made nine consecutive on-time monthly payments.  Our Office will determine the payment amount.  You can only rehabilitate your loan once.

Some benefits of loan rehabilitation include:
- The delinquency will be eliminated.
- The default will be removed from your credit bureau.
- Title IV eligibility for student financial assistance will be re-established.
- The new repayment period may extend to 10 years.

How to apply:
- You must contact our office to request loan rehabilitation.  You will need to execute a loan rehabilitation agreement and meet the terms of the program.

For borrowers with last names A-O:
Jennifer Kerr, Student Collection Specialist
Direct line:       617-495-5300
Toll-free line:   800-343-5500

For borrowers with last names P-Z:
Nadege Roseau, Student Collection Specialist
Direct line:       617-495-5565
Toll-free line:   800-343-5501