What is a 1098-E?

Form 1098-E reports interest you paid on a student loan during the preceding year.  The lenders that carry your student loans must send you a copy of Form 1098-E by January 31st.

How do I view my 1098-E online?

Click here:  www.heartlandecsi.com
1.    You will be asked to enter your school code which is: k4
2.    Enter your 8-digit Harvard ID# (HUID).  
3.    Enter the PIN/password that you created while completing your Exit Interview or signing your promissory note.  If you have forgotten your PIN/password, click on “Need help logging in?" and answer the security questions presented.  This will allow you to authenticate yourself to the system and you will be able to create a new PIN/password.
4.    Click

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