Student Accounts

When will I be billed for tuition?

Tuition for the Fall semester is billed in mid-July for most schools. For the Spring semester, most schools bill tuition in mid-December. For exact bill dates, please see our calendar.

My refund is listed on my account as a charge. Is this correct?

A refund is a check or direct deposit issued with funds withdrawn from your student account. Because of this, refunds are "charged" to your account. In most situations, the refund check corresponds to particular credits on your account; such as excess student loans, overpayments, or credits from departments. If you have questions about your refund, please contact us.

I have questions about a particular charge on my account. Who should I contact?

Items on your student account are charged by many different departments within Harvard. These charges can only be modified or removed by the department that originally applied the charge. If you know where your charges originated, you can contact the department directly. See Questions About Charges for a list of departments that frequently post charges. If you are unsure where your charges originated, please contact us.