Outside Awards

Scholarships or grants from outside donors must be reported to the Financial Aid Office. Awards reported will be included in your anticipated aid and will reduce the amount you need to pay for your tuition and fees. For more information, please see the section, Anticipated Aid and your Student Account. Please note that this category of aid includes Faculty Tuition Grants which are treated in the same way as outside awards on your student account

Outside award checks should be mailed to the Student Accounts Office at the address below. Checks made payable to you or to you “AND” Harvard University must be endorsed. On the back of the check please write "For deposit only Harvard University" along with your signature. If a check is made payable to you “AND/OR” Harvard University, no signature is required.     

Harvard University Student Accounts
801 Smith Campus Center
1350 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

If you deposit an outside award check or receive the funds electronically into your bank account and then plan to make a payment to your student account, you must be sure to inform the Student Accounts Office at student_billing@harvard.edu.  Please let us know the payment date, the amount of the payment, and the award that this payment represents. This information is very important for our office to accurately apply your outside award and report IRS tax information.

The Financial Aid Office will remove anticipated aid sometime after the registration deadline each term. Removing the anticipated credit when an outside award that has not been received may create a balance on your student account. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the donor and make sure that the outside award is sent to the Student Accounts Office. In cases where outside awards are not received for whatever reason, the student is responsible for paying any balance due.

College Students and Outside Awards

College students must report outside awards to the Financial Aid Office using the Outside Award Reporting System (OARS). OARS is for College students only. Graduate students can contact your Financial Aid Office directly to report outside awards.