Third-Party Billing

If a qualified third party is paying your tuition and fees, your third-party payer must submit a billing authorization form and letter in order to receive a bill from the University.

For guidelines on the authorization letter, see Third-Party Billing Letter Guidelines. Please visit your school's Third-Party Billing page for school-specific instructions, authorization forms, and contact information.

Qualifications for Third-Party Billing

Outside organizations can qualify for third-party billing if:

  • They will cover all or most of your tuition and fees

  • They will send payments directly to Harvard

  • They require an itemized invoice to be addressed in their name

Outside organizations can't qualify for third-party billing if:

  • Payments will be sent directly to you

  • Only proof of registration or a copy of your bill is required

  • The third party is a department within Harvard University

Important Information for Students Using Third-Party Billing

  • You will continue to receive a monthly bill. Do not set up your third party as a Delegate on your student account. This will result in duplicate billing.
  • Third-party payments are not subject to the same deadlines as student payments, nor are third-party bills sent at the same time as student bills. You are responsible for ensuring that payments made on your behalf are received in a timely manner. We generally expect payment within two months of the start of semester.
  • If your third-party payer fails to pay, you are responsible for paying all charges due on your account.
  • Third-party payers cannot be billed for past terms or for any items that are not posted to your student account.