Financial Aid at Harvard


Each School at Harvard has its own administrative offices, including a financial aid office, and is responsible for awarding aid to its own students. For detailed information on the financial aid application process and types of funding available, please visit the financial aid website of the school you’ll be attending.  

The Student Accounts Office is responsible for compiling charges for tuition and fees from all Harvard schools and billing offices (except the Division of Continuing Education), sending out monthly account notifications, processing student account payments, and providing information to students and their families about Harvard financial policy.            

Loan servicing for Harvard institutional loans, Federal Perkins loans and Federal Health Professions loans (LDS and HPSL) is also managed centrally at Harvard. Federal Direct loans are serviced by the U.S. Department of Education, using a number of different servicing vendors. Private student loans, including loans borrowed from the Harvard University Employees Credit Union, are serviced by the lender.

Students and parents who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents of the U.S. may qualify for federal grants and/or low interest loans. The websites listed below provide information on the programs and the application process.

The website provides information on the different types of Federal financial aid, how to apply, how to repay federal student loans, and more. It is also the new location to start or continue a FAFSA, make corrections, and add schools.

The website provides links to sign Master Promissory Notes for Federal Direct Student Loans, complete Entrance, Financial Awareness and Exit Counseling, estimate your loan repayment, and more.