Anticipated Aid and Your Student Account

Financial aid that has been awarded but has not been received and credited to your account is anticipated. Anticipated aid can include Harvard scholarships, loans, awards from outside donors, and other credits. Anticipated aid allows you to pay the amount due for tuition and fees less the amount expected in aid. If anticipated aid is equal to or greater than the total balance, your amount due is zero and no payment is required. As actual aid is received and credited to your account, anticipated aid is reduced.
Anticipated aid amounts are determined by your financial aid office and sent to Student Accounts to be reflected on your account. Anticipated aid that has not been received is eventually taken off the bill. For most schools, this is done in March. When anticipated is removed, your amount due increases. This serves as a reminder to that it is your responsibility to take the steps necessary to receive your aid.

If your Financial Aid Office has confirmed that your anticipated aid has been adjusted, those changes will be included on your next bill and will show on the Current Account Activity page once your Financial Aid Office has updated our office.

GSAS Students: To anticipate credits for payroll deductions (from teaching fellowships or research assistantships), you must complete a Payroll Deduction Form at the GSAS Financial Aid Office.

Law students (J.D. only): Anticipated grant awards are finalized when your Summer Resource and Expense Update Form is reviewed in the fall. A change in your anticipated summer earnings or accumulated assets may cause your anticipated grant to change.