Contacts for Military and Veterans Benefits

If you have questions about your VA or Military Benefits, please call or email the contact person at the school you are attending.

Harvard Business School Financial Aid Office 617-495-6640
Harvard College Chris Looby 617-496-5134
Harvard Divinity School Beth Flaherty 617-495-5772
Harvard Extension School Joseph Frechette 617-495-4293
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Financial Aid Office 617-495-5396
Graduate School of Design Keith Gnoza 617-495-5455
Graduate School of Education Shawn Bennett 617-495-3416
Harvard Kennedy School - Executive Education Sandra Bachman 617-998-5107
Harvard Kennedy School - Master's Programs Financial Aid Office 617-495-1155
Harvard Law School Tony Curcio 617-496-2947
Harvard Medical School Financial Aid Office 617-432-0449
Harvard School of Dental Medicine Gardner Key 617-432-1527
Harvard School of Public Health Ada Horne 617-432-1987