Harvard Medical School

To initiate third-party billing, your third-party payer must complete two documents:

Please be sure that your third-party payer sends these documents no later than June 30th for fall term and November 15th for spring term. These deadlines concern financial clearance for registration only. As long as your Third-Party Billing Form is received by the deadline listed above, you will be granted financial clearance for registration equal to the amount of your third-party payer's contribution. Third-Party Billing forms will be accepted through November for the fall term and March for the spring term. However, we can only send bills for the current semester and cannot bill retroactively for a previous semester.
Please Remember: You will be automatically charged for Student Health Insurance Plan at the beginning of each academic year. If you have alternate coverage and would like to waive this fee, please visit the Harvard University Student Health Program website and follow the waiver instructions. Part-time students with less than half-time enrollment may also be eligible to waive the Student Health Fee.

The Third-Party Billing Office can be reached at 617-496-8050 or studentaccountoperations_fad@harvard.edu.