Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health



Instructions for setting up a third-party billing account at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (SPH) can be found at the Office of Financial Aid.


Special Note

Having a sponsor does not relieve the student of their financial obligations to the University. If the sponsor fails to pay any amount for any reason, the student will remain responsible for paying their bill to the University.


Due Date

Invoices will be sent to third-party payers during each semester as follows: You can expect fall term bills to be sent at the end of August and spring term bills at the end of January. Summer bills are mailed out between July and September. As long as your Third-Party Billing Form is received by the deadlines listed on the Harvard T.H. Chan website, you will be granted financial clearance for registration equal to the amount of your third-party payer’s contribution. If the payment is not received within forty-five days after the first billing, an automated invoice will be generated requesting payment due.


If you wish to expedite your bill, please contact the Third-Party Billing Office at the number or email listed below to let us know how many courses you will be taking for the semester so that we can estimate the cost of your tuition in advance of the final add/drop date. Please note that you will continue to receive monthly billing notifications. You should monitor your accounts for any payments due beyond what your third-party payer covers.


Student Health Insurance

You will be automatically charged for the Student Health Insurance Plan at the beginning of each academic year. If you have alternate coverage and would like to waive this fee, please visit the Harvard University Student Health Program website and follow the waiver instructions. Part-time students (with less than half-time enrollment) may also be eligible to waive the Student Health Fee.


Contact Information

The Third-Party Billing Office can be reached at 617-496-8050 or studentaccountoperations_fad@harvard.edu.