Questions About Charges

Charges on your student account originate from many different offices around the University. The Student Accounts Office is responsible for billing charges, but does not have detailed information about them. Questions about individual transactions should be directed to the office or department that initiated them. See below for some of the common charges and contact information for offices that can answer questions about them.

Tuition: Contact your Registrar's Office

Scholarships and Loans: Contact your Financial Aid Office

Student Health Insurance Plan, Student Health Fee, Waivers: 617-495-2008

UHS Missed Appointments: 617-495-5776

Parking: 617-495-3772

College Room Rent: 617-496-2774

HU Housing: 617-495-1612

College Dining Services (Board):  617-495-2710


Widener: 617-496-3015  

Andover: 617-496-1615

Cabot: 617-495-5355    

Countway: 617-432-4536

Gutman: 617-495-3423

Hilles: 617-495-8728

Lamont: 617-495-2452

Law: 617-495-8689

Littauer: 617-496-3495

Tozzer: 617-495-2253