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May Graduates | Anticipated Aid | 2016 1098-T 


May Graduates

Congratulations on completing your degree!  All charges due prior to May 25th must be paid in full in order for you to receive your diploma at Commencement. Some Harvard schools may have additional requirements regarding payment before Commencement, and they have communicated these policies separately. 

Additionally, it is very likely that you will have charges added to your student account after CommencementAs a graduate, please remember that you remain responsible for paying all student account charges in full by the designated due date.   

Anticipated Aid

Please note that your Financial Aid Office may have recently removed anticipated aid from your student account. This serves as a reminder that it is your responsibility to make sure any outstanding aid for 2016-2017 is received and credited to your account as soon as possible. If you have any questions about what you need to do in order to receive your aid, please contact your donor (for outside awards) or your Financial Aid Office.

2016 1098-T

2016 1098-T forms are now available to eligible students at

To view your form select Financial Services from the left menu and select the link under 'Paperless 1098-T' (please note that you must disable your pop-up blocker to view your form).

If another individual claims you as a tax dependent, or is responsible for filing your taxes, it is very important that you forward them a copy of your 1098-T form (please note that delegates do not have access to download this form).

Students who have not enrolled in Paperless 1098-T have had a paper copy mailed to their permanent address.

For more information regarding the 1098-T, and instructions for reviewing your payment history, please visit our 1098-T page.