Requesting a Refund

Students with credit balances on their student account may be eligible for a refund. Before requesting a refund, you are encouraged to enroll in direct deposit via your student account. See Direct Deposit for instructions on signing up. Direct deposit refunds are usually deposited two days after the refund request is processed by Student Accounts.

In most cases refund requests are handled by Financial Aid, however, some requests are processed by Student Accounts. Please see below to find out who you should contact to request a refund. 

Refund Criteria

Non-Enrolled Students

Is your refund over $100 and did you receive financial aid?

Please contact the financial aid office of the school you last attended to request a refund. 


Please submit the Student Accounts Office's Refund Request form.

Enrolled College Students

Refunds over $100 

If you receive financial aid, please submit the Griffin Financial Aid Office's Refund Request form.

If you do not receive financial aid, or if you are a Visiting Undergraduate Student, please submit the Student Accounts Office's Refund Request form.

Refunds $100 and less

Please submit the Student Accounts Office's Refund Request form.