Financial Holds on Graduates


A graduate who has a financial hold on their student account will not receive their diploma, and their degree may not be conferred until all indebtedness to Harvard University is paid in full. 

A graduate whose diploma has been withheld can request it from the Registrar’s Office once payment in full has been received by the Student Accounts Office.

A graduate whose diploma has been withheld, and whose degree has not been conferred, must be reinstated by the Office of the Governing Boards before the diploma can be released by the Registrar. Payment in full must be received by Student Accounts by the 1st of the month or at least ten business days prior to reinstatement. Graduates who have paid in full are regularly submitted for reinstatement by Student Accounts on the 15th of each month and diplomas and official transcripts can be requested from the Registrar two to three days after that date.   

Requests to expedite the reinstatement process may be made to the Student Accounts Office by calling 617-495-2739. Payment in full must be received, by Student Accounts, as a certified check or money order, three days prior to graduates requesting their diploma and/or transcript from the Registrar’s Office.

For more information, please contact the Student Accounts Office by calling 617-495-2739 or emailing