Student Fees and Waivers

Harvard University Student Health Program (HUSHP Health Insurance)

All Harvard students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the Harvard University Student Health Program, which is composed of HUSHP Student Health Insurance and the HUSHP Student Health Fee. If you meet the requirements, it is possible to waive one or both components of the program. While many students may be eligible to waive Student Health Insurance, most students are not eligible to waive the Student Health Fee. Learn more about HUSHP coverage and determine your eligibility to waive

Waiver applications must be completed online by July 31 for the fall semester and January 31 for the spring semester. Waivers are not renewed automatically, and applications must be submitted by the deadline for each semester. Credits for an approved waiver can take 5-7 business days to process once the waiver application is submitted. In order to register for classes, any charges due on your student account for the HUSHP must be paid in full.

Student Services Fee (College only)

The Student Services fee covers the cost of the House system and the Freshman Dean's Office functions. The House system is an administrative and educational arrangement that creates independent centers of tutorial, social, advising, and record keeping functions. The charge for the Student Services Fee is mandatory for all College students, including those who do not live on campus.

Student Activities Fee (College only)

The Student Activities Fee of $200 is charged once a year and is used to fund student organizations and support student life activities and operations for all Harvard College students. In order to waive the Student Activities Fee, please write a letter, including your full name, Harvard ID, and reason for opting out, and mail it no later than September 1 for the Fall semester (February 1 for the Spring semester), to:

Harvard University Student Accounts Office
Smith Campus Center 801
1350 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

If you plan to deliver the letter in person, please utilize the SFS drop box in the Smith Center Arcade, which is located next to the security desk at the main elevator bank (to the left of the green wall). 

Graduate Student Council Fee (GSAS only)

This fee funds graduate student groups and organizations, pays for graduate students to attend conferences and conduct summer research, and helps the Graduate Student Council advocate on behalf of students for concerns such as mentoring, teaching, health care, and housing. Students on leave of absence and traveling scholars will not be assessed the fee. Students returning mid-year from leave or traveling scholar status will be assessed a fee of $12.50 for the spring term.