Account Overview

Student Account

(Delegates can see an overview of their account view below)

The student account is a record of all tuition charges and fees associated with a student’s education at Harvard, as well as the payments and credits made towards those charges. The Student Accounts Office posts financial transactions to each student’s account as they are received. Students and delegates can log in to view the status of their account at any time.

You are expected to take responsibility for your student account. This includes:

The student account mainly consists of two sections: Amount Due and Account Details. Understanding these two views is essential when reading your account.

Amount Due

After logging in and selecting the Financial Services tab from the left menu, students (and delegates) will first see their Amount Due. The Amount Due reflects all unpaid charges that are not currently covered by anticipated aid, and is updated in real-time to reflect new charges, anticipated aid, and payments.

By selecting the information icon in the Amount Due box, students can see a breakdown of the charges that make up the total, as well as their associated due dates. Charges that have been paid in part will be displayed with a gray ‘information’ icon, which students may hover over in order to see the amount of the original charge. Any charge with a due date that has passed will display in red with an exclamation point, letting students know that the charge is past due.

For students on the monthly payment plan, selecting the link in the Amount Due box will bring up the same list of charges that make up their Amount Due, but they will also see a second box listing future installments. All of the charges, including future installments, are totaled at the bottom of the amount due box.

Account Details

In addition to the Amount Due, students will also see three figures in the Account Details box: Current Balance, which reflects all unpaid charges on the student's account (including charges that have not yet been paid by anticipated aid); Anticipated Aid, which reflects the total of reported financial aid that has not yet been disbursed; Balance After Aid, which reflects the Current Balance less any Anticipated Aid.

By selecting the plus symbol in the upper left corner of the Account Details box, students can see a detailed listing of all transactions (labelled Charges and Credits) and Anticipated Aid on their account. The Charges and Credits section is totaled, and corresponds to the Current Balance listed above. This view defaults to display only the current term, but a drop-down menu under Charges and Credits allows students to filter their transactions by term(s) and dates. 

You may print an invoice from your Account Details by selecting the Print icon in the upper right corner. This invoice includes the payment address for students and delegates who would rather mail a physical check payment.

Delegate Account View

Delegate Overview

The delegate account view looks and operates almost exactly the same as the student account view. Delegates will see a photo of their student where the Harvard shield is displayed In the above image.