Monthly Payment Plan

The Monthly Payment Plan (MPP) allows you to pay charges for tuition and mandatory fees in four installments each semester. There is a $35 fee per semester to be enrolled in the Monthly Payment Plan. You must pay monthly installments by the due date each month and pay all past due charges prior to the start of each semester in order to continue to be eligible to participate.

Charges for HU Housing rent and for incidentals, such as library fines, are not included in the MPP and are added to the current installment amount due. Financial aid or outside award credits will be applied to the total balance before it is divided into installments.

To enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan, log in to your account, select Student Accounts from the left menu, and select the enrollment link under Payment Plan. Enrollment for the Spring 2022 semester will open after you are billed.  Once you are billed, you can enroll in the payment plan. After registration, you cannot opt out of the Monthly Payment Plan unless the amount owed was paid in full prior to the first due date of the payment plan. To cancel your payment plan before registration, please contact us.

Please note: Even if you were enrolled in the Monthly Payment Plan (MPP) in the prior semester, to continue paying your bill in monthly installments, you'll need to re-enroll in the current semester.

Also, please note that students in the following schools/programs are not eligible to enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan:

  • Harvard Business School
  • Harvard Law School* - LLM, SJD, ILS Exchange Students, and VS/VR students

* HLS JD students are eligible to enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan.