Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA)


What is the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA)?

The Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA) provides important information to students about the cost of their education and the financial policies associated with their enrollment at Harvard. This agreement sets forth the expectations for payment and policies related to, among other things, non-payment, collections, communications, financial aid, and student privacy (FERPA). The agreement also describes Harvard’s business processes. By signing the agreement, students acknowledge they have read the FRA and agree to its terms.

What if someone else is responsible for paying my account (i.e. university aid or a sponsor and/or employer)?

All students are ultimately responsible for their student account, including any unpaid balances should a third-party payer fail to make payments. In addition, students typically accrue charges on their student account which may not be covered by university aid or a sponsor (e.g. parking fines, library fines, missed appointments, etc.). Therefore, completing the FRA is an acknowledgement of a student’s responsibility for their student account.

What if I don’t accept the FRA?

All students must indicate their acceptance of the agreement in order to be enrolled at Harvard.

What is an FRA hold?

Failure to complete the FRA can result in a hold being applied to your account. This hold will prevent registration-related activities.

Where can I find the FRA?

To navigate to the FRA, log onto my.harvard. On the home page, click the Financial Responsibility Agreement item in your “To-Do” List.

Can I get a copy of the FRA?

After you complete the FRA, you will be emailed a copy of the agreement.